MBA Admission in MGU University (Distance)

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What is the program?
The Distance Learning MBA is a two year program which leads to a UGC recognized MBA degree. You will get student kit which includes bag, books notebook and etc., to complete the MBA program. When you enroll in the Distance Learning MBA Program through OSBMA you also get access to additional online content tailor made for MBA aspirants by Industry Experts.

What degree is awarded?
The MBA degree is awarded by Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) Meghalaya which is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC).

What degree is awarded?
The MBA degree is awarded by Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) Meghalaya which is recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC).

Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) is established through Meghalaya State legislative Act, 2010 (Meghalaya Act No.6 of 2011), published in the Gazette of Meghalaya vide No.LL (B).138/2010/41.

What is Eligibility?
The student must be a graduate in any discipline from recognized University.

Program Overview
These Programs opens corporate doors for students. These programs develop the student's practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision making capability. The learning model provides transformational experience that fosters professional, intellectual, and personal development. It is designed to provide a unique, market-relevant combination of a comprehensive. MBA program from MGU can be done in two mode semester mode or early mode.



ELEGIBLITY:Applicant Must Posses Sufficient Knowledge and understanding of ENGLISH LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION.

Candidates whose first Language is not English must have done at least past three (3) Years of Academic Qualification Under English Medium or Must Provide TOEFL SCORES

» For Students with Indian Education

  • 10th Class certificate (completing 10 years of formal schooling)
  • 12th Class Certificate (completing 12 yrs of formal schooling)
  • Graduation/ Bachelor degree (3 yrs or 4 yrs degree program). Three or four year Diploma will not be considered.
  • Minimum 40% or Equivalent marks in graduation.



Programme Particulars:

  • Program Content
  • Specializations (To be chosen in Second Year)
  • MP101 Management-'Theory And Practice' 3
    MP102 Accounting And Finance For Managers 3
    MP103 Managerial Economics 3
    MP104 Quantitative Techniques For Managerial 3
    MP105 Business Law 3
    MP106 Organizational Behaviour 3
    MP107 Business Policy & Strategic Management 3
    MP108 Executive Communication & Research Methodology 3
    MP109 Operations Research 3
    MP110 Entrepreneurship Development 3
    MP111 Management Information System 3
    MP112 Management Of Human Resources 3
    MP113 Marketing Management 3
    MP114 International Business Environment 3
    MP115 Product Management 3
    MP116 Total Quality Management 3
    MP117 Financial Management 3
    MP118 Capital Investment And Financial Decisions 3
    MP119 Industrial Training 10
    MP120 Presentation/Seminar 10
    MP121 Project Course Work 20

  • Operation Management: MP109 & MP110
    Human Resource Management: MP111 & MP112
    Marketing Management: MP113 & MP114
    Product Management: MP115 & MP116
    Financial Management: MP117 & MP118
    Information Technology: MP122 & MP123
    Retail Management: MP124 & MP125
    Insurance & Banking: MP126 & MP127
    Hospitality Management: MP128 & MP129
    Hospital Administration: MP130 & MP131
    Total Quality Management: MP132 & MP133
    Hotel Management: MP134 & MP135
    Events Management: MP136 & MP137
    Import & Export Management: MP138 & MP139
    International Business Management: MP140 & MP141
    Oil & Petroleum Management: MP142 & MP143
    Production & Operations Mgmt.: MP144 & MP145
    Supply Chain Management: MP146 & MP147
    Systems: MP148 & MP149
    Travel & Tourism Management: MP150 & MP151

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