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Post Graduate programmes offered by Amity an intensive, stimulating and challenging learning experience in various discipline. The curriculum covers all the important areas which may be expected from be expected from a working manager. The successful completion of the programme will enable executives to assume a strategic role in their organisation.


ELEGIBLITY: Applicant Must Posses Sufficient Knowledge and understading of ENGLISH LANGUAGE & COMMUNICATION. Candidates whose first Language is not English must have done at least past three (3) Years of Academic Qualification Under English Medium or Must Provide TOEFL SCORES

» For Students with Indian Education 10th Class certificate (completing 10 years of formal schooling) 12th Class Certificate (completing 12 yrs of formal schooling) For Students with Foreign Education O level Certificate (completing 10 years of formal schooling. Diploma will not be acceptable) A level Certificate (completing 12 yrs of formal schooling. Diploma will not be acceptable) Certificate of Equivalence from Association of Indian Universities (required by any student with foreign education to apply in any University in INDIA, refer to


Programme Particulars:

  • Semester 1
  • Semester 2
  • ADL 01 - Principles and Practices of Management
  • ADL 02 - Marketing Management
  • ADL 03 - Accounting for Managers
  • ADL 05 - Organizational Behavior
  • ADL 04 - Managerial Economics
  • ADL 100 - Behavioural Science
  • ADL 14 - Production And Operations Management
  • ADL 20 - An Aid To Project Work

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