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Search engine optimization or SEO has acquired such a huge importance in today's date that knowledge of it is required in wide areas. Therefore, a learners or a professional who is thoroughly well aware and well trained about SEO will surely progress a lot in his career growth. We are one of the best institutes in India that is recognized for offering the best search engine optimization training to candidates who are interested in it. Till date, we have been successful in training and educating our students in SEO field, and therefore, we are sure that you accomplish the same training from us, you will also be huge benefitted to a great extent.

There are of course various dimensions of SEO in which we offer training in live projects. You can take a look at the courses that we offer, and thus, you can select from among the best course. This will surely prove to be pleasing for you. However, irrespective of the course that you choose to go for in search engine optimization training, one of the utmost important things that you should always remember is that we always try to explain the basics of SEO first to our candidates. This makes easy for the learners to delve deeper into the subject.

On the basis of different SEO training courses that we deliver, the duration and the course fees of these courses also vary. Therefore, one should take a detailed look at the different things that you will learn from different courses. On the basis of that, one can make your final selection. SEO Training Course is the most common job oriented course sought after by the learners, and under this SEO course, you will learn about internet marketing in detail. You will also learn each and every phase of on-page and off-page optimization by means of which it is easy for a site to acquire good ranks in the list of search engines.

The duration of SEO course is only 40 hours. In any case, you can be assured that you will be tremendously benefitted from this search engine optimization training and so, you will be able to apply it in different fields to make a good profit in the future. Regardless of the course that you seek to pursue, you will be surely fruitful.

Our skilled staff and professionals make use of the best SEO tactics, so that it is easy for the learners to easily grasp them. In addition to that, these experts also update themselves constantly, so that the learners are also being inculcated with the best educational value and information. Therefore, with us, you will definitely acquire a great career opportunity, and thus, you should guarantee that you do not miss out this opportunity at any cost. On the accomplishment of any of the SEO courses, we offer certificates along with the grades and other necessary details of the course.

SEO Course Content:-

I.Search engine Basics

Search Engines Search Engines V/s Directories Major Search Engines and Directories How Search Engine Works What is Search Engine Optimization? What is Search Engine Optimization? Page rank Website Architecture Website Designing Basics Domain Hosting

II.Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Research Competitor analysis Finding appropriate Keywords Target Segmentation

III.Off Page Optimization

Directory Blogs Bookmarking Articles Video Submissions Press Releases Classifieds Forums Link Building DMOZ Listing Google Maps Favicons QnA Guest Postings

IV.On Page Optimization

Title Description Keywords Anchor Texts Header / Footer Headings Creating Robots File Creating Sitemaps Content Optimization URL Renaming HTML and CSS Validation Canonical error Implementation Keyword Density Google Webmaster Tools Google analytics and Tracking Search Engine Submission White Hat SEO Black Hat SEO Grey Hat SEO

V.Latest Seo Techniques & Tools

Uploading and website management Seo Tools Social media and Link Building Panda Update Penguin Update EMD Update Seo afterpanda , Penguin and EMD Update

VI.Job Opportunities

• SEO Engineer
• SEO Campaign Manager
• Online Marketing Manager
• Web Marketing Analyst
• On-Page/Off-Page Promotion Manager
• CPC Ads Manager
• Work as a Free Lancer .: and more

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